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Accounting for human resources and payroll Wrocław

Are you planning employment and do not know what documents to prepare? Wondering what form of employment is the most profitable? How to count vacation? How to register or deregister an employee? Relax, we will do it all for you.

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1Employment counseling

  • We will help you choose the best form of employment
  • We will explain to you the different forms of employment
  • We will show you what taxes you have to pay and how to account for them

2Preparation of documentation

  • We’ll show you what documents you need
  • We’ll show you how to keep your documents in order
  • We’ll show you what your employment documents should look like

3Assist with payroll preparation

  • We’ll show you how to make a payroll
  • We will help you report your employees to ZUS
  • We will help you to deregister your employees from Social Security

Many companies in Wroclaw trust us. You could be another satisfied customer!

  • More than 20 years on the market
  • We have been chosen by more than 500 companies
  • Up to 98% satisfied customers

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  • Full Accounting (bookkeeping)

    from 350zł

  • Revenue and expense ledger without VAT

    from 79zł

  • Revenue and expense ledger with VAT

    from 99zł

  • Lump sum without VAT

    from 99zł

  • HR and payroll services

    from 30zł

  • Preparation of documents necessary to set up the business

    from 49zł

  • Comprehensive company registration (total cost)

    from 350zł

  • Development of a company chart of accounts


  • Developing an accounting policy


  • Audit of accounting records (for non-clients)

    from 150zł

  • Preparation of PIT returns for an individual (for non-customers)

    from 40zł

  • Travel to the client to collect documents

    To be agreed

  • Monitoring of invoices

    from 30zł

M&B Accounting Office in Wroclaw

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